Supporting Literacy at Home

With all the changes we have gone through in the past year, one that many parents are struggling with when home schooling or partially home schooling their children during the pandemic, is literacy.  Even parents who have their children in pre-school or daycare, are worried about their children falling behind when it comes to their […]

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Winter Break During COVID-19: How to Keep Kids Entertained on a Holiday Staycation

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Making Connections During COVID

When I was a kid, the thrill of getting a letter or something in the mail addressed to me was one of my favourite things.  I was pen pals with one of my aunts and an American girl I met while cottaging in Wasaga for many years.  Because I loved receiving mail, I send nieces and other children […]

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15 Ways to Celebrate Halloween That Are NOT Trick-or-Treating

We’re still in the midst of a pandemic, so it should come to no surprise that Halloween celebrations and trick-or-treating will look very different this year!  If you’re not trick-or-treating the traditional way this year, there are many other fun ways to celebrate one of the most anticipated events of the year with your family.


Make the […]

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Here’s the Mom I Want to be When Things Go Back to Normal

We loved the honesty of this post by Sabrina Rogers-Anderson about her experience during the pandemic. Like Sabrina, I think many parents have had ups and downs being at home for the past few months with their children. We love the perspective and positive lessons she learned during COVID-19 that she plans to implement after […]

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