For infants, having a secure relationship with a single caregiver builds a foundation of trust. Wee Watch Providers will give your infant the personal attention needed to develop a warm and affectionate relationship while still nurturing a safe environment to explore. Although your Provider will have a daily routine, it can easily be changed to suit your child, to take into consideration a sleepless night, painful teething, or to forego a creative activity because chasing bubbles was more interesting.

Your Provider will work with your child using our series of educational Play & Learn booklets, All About Wee Me. This series will show you the progress your child is making in developing their sensory skills (sight, sound, taste, touch and smell), their motor skills (grasping, reaching, crawling, walking) as well as a written record of your child’s milestones.


Toddlers learn about their world by exploring their environment. Your Provider’s home is an environment where your toddler will thrive, providing ample indoor and outdoor activities and will learn through repetition and imitating others. Your child’s language skills will progress through songs and stories and encouragement.

For this age group, we have a series of Play & Learn educational booklets, Play and Learn As I Grow that is a continuation of our All About Wee Me series. This will give your child opportunities to develop their cognitive, language and fine motor skills. Open communication between parent and Provider is key to guiding the child’s behaviour consistently as self-help skills are emerging.

WEE BUILDER (Pre-school)

For Preschoolers, we focus on providing your child with challenging learning experiences through our programming in the day care home. Your Provider will encourage your child to practice self-help skills with Kindergarten Connection using a varied program of individual and self-chosen play, combined with planned activities. Our Play and Learn educational series continues and your child begins to master concepts of size, colour, numbers, shapes, pre-reading and writing skills for school readiness.


With a young school-age child, your Provider will offer a program that is responsive to your child’s questions and allows them opportunities to interact with peers and encourages friendships. Our Play and Learn educational series, A.B.C’s, 1,2,3′s, continues to complement the school curriculum. Providers will give your child opportunities to take a leadership role to help reinforce their own skills. Physical activities such as games, sports, drama, music and dance are an important part of the program to highlight a child’s creative personality.

WEE MENTORS (School Age)

At this age your child is attending elementary school and progressing in three fundamental areas: reading, writing, and math. Your child will have an opportunity to reinforce their skills and display their knowledge in their day care setting. Your child will enjoy the warmth and comfort a home setting can provide before and after school. Discussions with your Provider will also allow for completion of homework in the Provider’s home. Play & Learn Fun and Games booklets for after school booklets will keep your child busy with fun language and math worksheets.

The “Wee Learn” Program gives child care Providers resources to stimulate language, math, and science, fine motor and gross motor development. We use various tools to inspire a love of learning that challenges your child in all areas of development on a daily basis.