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  • Has trained and supported Providers in a licensed environment since 1984
  • Will deliver a professional team of child care experts and provide you with ongoing RECE support and guidance.
  • Takes care of the administration, marketing, and will provide back-up support for your parents when you need it.
  • Will provide you with equipment, our exclusive child care programming materials and ongoing professional development training.
  • Will benefit you while still being self-employed at home and have the added advantage of Wee Watch looking after your pay.
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Wee Watch believes in helping children grow to be the best that they can, by providing them with:

  • A Feeling of Belonging: Wee Watch homes allow every child to have a sense of belonging when he or she is connected to others and contributes to their world.
  • A Feeling of Well-Being: Wee Watch homes allow every child to develop a sense of self, health and well-being.
  • A feeling of Engagement: Wee Watch homes allow every child to become an active and engaged learner who explores the world with body, mind and senses.
  • A Feeling of Expression: Wee Watch homes allow every child to become a capable communicator who expresses himself or herself in many ways.

Established in 1984, Wee Watch is the largest day care system in Canada with a reputation for providing high quality service to our Providers, Parents and above all, our Wee Watch children.

Wee Watch, the Waterloo & Central Kitchener office has been providing care in the Waterloo & Central Kitchener area for over 25 years.

We are recognized as a trusted agency with outstanding Providers offering a safe, warm, inviting and educational environment. We offer a full support network to our Providers.

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As a professional Provider with Wee Watch, you can focus on what you enjoy the most… quality time with the children…because Wee Watch takes care of the rest!

Caring for children in your home is truly a rewarding experience. When you work with Wee Watch, you can be proud that you are the best in the field.

We serve the Waterloo and Central Kitchener area. Our office is located in Kitchener.


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If you love working with children, we would love you to work with us!  Contact us to learn more about becoming a We Watch Provider today!


What Providers say about Wee Watch…

“As a licensed childcare Provider for 10 years & a parent, I highly recommend Wee Watch! As a Provider Wee Watch offers great resources, support, training and programming for all ages. Children are provided with fun, educational, interactive programs everyday, as well as a nutritional daily menu. Children are involved in daily activities such as puzzles, painting, imaginative play, crafts and educational games and many more stimulating activities! All licensed Providers through Wee Watch are kept up to date with all the new rules, regulations and training through the Ministry of Education and Government Home Childcare standards to provide a safe, stimulating environment for your child. Our friendly, supportive office staff provides us with training, tools and supplies needed to run a successful business. Marcia, the Area Supervisor and the Home Visitors also take the time to arrange many fun events and evenings out to celebrate how much we are appreciated! From a parents point of view I feel knowing your child is in a safe, monitored, fun loving environment makes it so much easier to leave your child everyday! I love being a part of the Wee Watch Team! I feel very supported and appreciated!”
“I’d like to start by saying working with Wee Watch Cambridge has been an incredibly rich and rewarding experience these past 7 years. Having worked with a previous agency, I can tell you first hand that the difference is night and day! I love working with Wee Watch for so many reasons; firstly I can tell you that with Wee Watch we are not just a number in the system, they treat you like an individual rather than a number. We are treated like a valuable and important asset to the team. They’ve always been there for me, helping and connecting me with resources or strategies for me to be able to provide the best care possible. The staff at Wee Watch addresses my concerns and questions in a timely fashion. I’d also like to mention they are quick to reward us and show appreciation for all the hard work we do for them. I feel like I’m a part of the team and that my input and feedback is welcomed, valued and respected. The supervisor and staff are very personable and approachable. I have addressed some concerns in the past and each time I received a prompt resolution. We all know that relationships are complicated and not perfect and Wee Watch takes that into consideration when connecting parents with Providers. I feel welcomed and appreciated by the whole staff, including the Parents that are referred to my care. They have made a big impact on my life and family and I would highly recommend Wee Watch to friends and prospective parents alike.”
“It wasn’t that long ago that I began my journey with Wee Watch when I made a big career change. Within the first month of becoming a Provider for Wee Watch, I felt so welcomed, important and genuinely respected. Wee Watch is always there when I need anything and is more than open to any questions or concerns. Their staff is so friendly and only a phone call away and their other Providers are warm, caring and so welcoming. I am honoured to be a Wee Watch Provider and am excited to continue my journey within such an inclusive and professional organization.”
“During my 26+ years with Wee Watch, I’ve met so many wonderful people, both in the office and in the families. Helping to teach and guide children during these important first years is extremely rewarding.

I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity to raise my own children as I worked from home with Wee Watch. When my children were younger, the Wee Watch children became their friends. As my children grew older, they learned how to care for children as they watched me. When my children finished university and moved away, the Wee Watch children filled the hole in my life. It’s been a positive experience for us all.”