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  • Has trained and supported Providers in a licensed environment since 1984
  • Will deliver a professional team of child care experts and provide you with ongoing RECE support and guidance.
  • Takes care of the administration, marketing, and will provide back-up support for your parents when you need it.
  • Will provide you with equipment, our exclusive child care programming materials and ongoing professional development training.
  • Will benefit you while still being self-employed at home and have the added advantage of Wee Watch looking after your pay.
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Since 1984, Wee Watch has proved to be an exceptional, trusted, licensed child care organization.

  • Be part of a licensed organization that has been trusted since 1984.
  • Belong to a professional team of child care experts and receive ongoing RECE support and guidance all while working from home.
  • We take care of the administration, marketing and provide back-up support for your parents when you need it.
  • You will receive equipment, our exclusive child care programming materials, and ongoing professional development training.


What Providers say about Wee Watch …

“I am a Provider with Wee Watch Brantford – Brant.  I have worked for the agency for almost 20 years in between returning to college and landing a few different jobs.  I really enjoyed my career outside of the home but found myself thinking of how much I enjoyed celebrating holidays and different life events with the children in my daycare.  We connect with other providers in the neighbourhood and have picnics and celebrations together!  I have decided that being a Professional Home Child Care Provider will be my job until I retire!

The children in my daycare are much more to me than a job. They are my daycare family.   We eat together, decorate our home for all the holidays, we spend hours learning and sharing alongside our friends and more importantly they also teach me and viewing the world through their eyes.

Working for Wee Watch is such a privilege. The fact that these parents are willing to trust me with their most precious children, is something I don’t take for granted.   I have been blessed to have families entrust me with all their children as their families grow. Each child holds a special place in my heart. Even after they leave my day care home we stay in touch allowing me to continue to celebrate their milestones in life!

I have lost count of how many children I have watched over the years but all of them have made me a better person. Thank you to all of the parents who have trusted me over the years.” ~Kelly G.

“I’ve been a home childcare Provider with Wee Watch for a little over 10 years. Prior to this, I did private home childcare on my own, so I’ve experienced both approaches to childcare. The benefits to being affiliated with Wee Watch are seemingly endless, but a few of the benefits include networking with your peers, continuing education/seminars provided by Wee Watch, not to mention the support and resources provided through their home visitors.  Also, with ongoing changes to childcare in the Province, Wee Watch has kept us up-to-date with new regulations and has kept wages very fair and competitive.” ~Sue

“I have been with Wee Watch for 13 years. I love all the continued support and professional development that is offered.” ~Heidi G.

“I am going into my 3rd year with Wee Watch, it’s like a second family and full of support. I am so glad I joined this agency!” ~Brittney H