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  • Will provide a warm, nurturing licensed home environment with a small ratio of children that your child will thrive in.
  • Your child will be engaged in play based learning through our unique “Wee Learn” and Together Wee Can” programs
  • Has been meeting and exceeding the Ministry licensing standards since 1984.
  • Will select the Providers best suited for your child care requirements.
  • Can provide affordable “Quality, Licensed Child Care”, in your area.
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Trusted and Experienced Home Child Care in Whitby and Oshawa West

Wee Watch has been providing safe, educational and licensed home-based child care in Whitby and Oshawa west end (west of Simcoe Street) since 1987.

Our experienced Providers are available around the clock for 24/7 care to fit your schedule. We know that finding care close to you to minimize travelling time for you and your child is important. Wee Watch homes are conveniently located in areas across Whitby – Williamsburg, John Dryden, Whitby Go train station, West Lynn and much more, as well as Oshawa west, south and near the Oshawa mall.

Wee Watch children have continuous fun playing and learning with our exclusive Wee Learn and Together Wee Can programs. They also enjoy going on outings such as visiting Whitby and Oshawa library’s, Early Years Centers and their local parks such as Windsor Bay Park, Peel Park, Centennial Park, Annes Street Park, D`hillier Park, Otter Creek Park, Baycliffe Park, Medland Park, McKinney Park, Hannam Park, Lady May Park, Lakewoods Park, Stone Street Park, and Lake Vista Park.

Parents can trust that Wee Watch Providers have undergone extensive screening with in-home interviews and have passed personal and business reference checks, criminal background and site safety checks plus have mandatory First Aid and CPR training. They also continue their training through workshops and conferences all year round to further enhance their skills.

With Wee Watch, parents receive guidance and support from a team of highly skilled and experienced child care professionals. Our government approved Registered Early Childhood Educators (R.E.C.E) are excellent resources to both parents and Providers. They perform unscheduled, monthly visits to the Provider’s homes to ensure ongoing child safety and development, and provide a written report to parents after each visit.

Wee Watch also ensures parents have worry free uninterrupted child care with a reliable backup system in place for days when a Provider is unavailable due to illness or on holidays.

Rates vary based on the child’s age, the hours needed per day and number of days per week. Subsidized child care is available. Contact us to find out more.

A Message to Parents...

A Message to Parents…

Wee Watch Whitby/Oshawa West Licensed Home Childcare was a designated essential service throughout the pandemic and we remain open to support the many people that continue to work for our communities in these unprecedented and uncertain times.

With small numbers of children in care (less than 6), licensed home childcare has been the preferred choice of many parents. In addition to the strict licensed childcare standards already in place, Providers are trained and continue their care with increased safety and well-being measures following our Agency pandemic plan and Public Health regulations.

Wee Watch Whitby/Oshawa is partnering with the Region of Durham and the Government of Ontario to facilitate the enrollment of all children requiring childcare into our program and provide Licensed childcare spaces in our area. If you are looking for safe, quality childcare – we have spaces available.

For over 35 years, Wee Watch has been delivering high quality licensed home childcare for thousands of parents in communities across Ontario and we will continue to do so.

The agency is located at 304 Colborne Street, East in Whitby, L1N 1W4.

Please feel free to drop in at any time. We would love to answer any questions you may have regarding our program.

If you love working with children,  we would love you to work with us!  Learn more about becoming a Wee Watch Child Care Provider.

Celebrating 30 Years!

Recently, Wee Watch Whitby celebrated their 30th anniversary! Our area Supervisor, past and present Providers and Home Visitors, and other staff members gathered to celebrate this milestone with the local MP and representatives from the Whitby Mayor’s office. Congratulations on 30 years!

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What Parents Say About Wee Watch…

“Our childcare Provider, Dawn has been great. She has been very understanding about Chloe needing some time to adjust to the new routine. Dawn has been communicating regularly, making the transition easier for me as well. Chloe has been improving day by day and really seems to be bonding with Dawn. Thank you for suggesting Dawn to us as our childcare provider.” ~Amanda C.
“We are so happy with our childcare Provider, Sana! Her family has become our family and I think she loves our son, Dom as much as she loves her own kids sometimes. She really is great with him and we are so happy!!
The reports from the home visitors are so great, I love reading them and what they see when they visit!” ~Mandi W.
“Noah is doing very well and he has had no issues at all in adjusting to the new home childcare setting. Both Sabera and Rubina were excellent and I am very happy with his progress so far.” ~Chantel J.
“Thank you so much for all your help with everything over the past couple of years. Wee Watch has been absolutely amazing and especially our Provider, Helen.” ~Ashley M.
“We want to say that you and Wee Watch has been AMAZING! We enjoyed all of the reports on our daughter’s progress, and you always made us feel at ease putting Claire into someone else’s home. We would recommend this service to anyone.” ~Matt
“Wee Watch and our Provider Sana have been amazing. And we are eternally grateful for all that has been done for our family and especially Emma. I want to personally thank you for everything that you have done and can’t tell you enough how much I’ve loved our experience with Wee Watch. I would be honoured to recommend Wee Watch!” ~Amy
“I honestly could not be happier with Elaine, she is such an amazing person. She is very easy to talk to and has the sweetest demeanour. Lily absolutely loves her; she is happy going to daycare in the morning and is happy when she comes home. Lily is doing so well and she loves library day on Fridays. Elaine takes amazing care of her and l feel comfortable leaving her with Elaine. I think for me it was a harder adjustment than it was for Lily. We made the right choice with Elaine and Wee Watch. If Wee Watch ever did an outstanding Provider award then l would say Elaine deserves it completely.” ~Anne
“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at your office for being so helpful in the initial registration process with Elliot as well as providing consistent updates on his progress throughout his care with his Provider Olga. She has been the absolute best caregiver, she is very attentive and loving and we are very very thankful for her wonderful care over the past 2 years. Thank you again!” ~ Katelynn A.
“Our son is a very active boy and he also has a hard time sit down to participate in any group activities. Sobia was super patient with him and allowed him to develop on his own pace. Thanks to her slow introduction, Lucas now can have more focus on group activities. Sobia also eased my nervousness by communicating with me all the time. Because of her continuous love and care, my son adjusted to her home very quickly. Every time I drop Lucas off, he is eager to meet Sobia and gives her a big hug. We thank Wee Watch for a wonderful job finding Sobia for us.” ~ Saisi

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