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  • Will provide a warm, nurturing licensed home environment with a small ratio of children that your child will thrive in.
  • Your child will be engaged in play based learning through our unique “Wee Learn” and Together Wee Can” programs
  • Has been meeting and exceeding the Ministry licensing standards since 1984.
  • Will select the Providers best suited for your child care requirements.
  • Can provide affordable “Quality, Licensed Child Care”, in your area.
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Since 1984, Wee Watch has proved to be an exceptional, trusted, licensed child care organization.

We are proud to provide licensed home child care services for families in Toronto East. Wee Watch offers full time and part-time care for children six weeks to twelve years of age.

As a home child care agency licensed by the Ministry of Education and recognized across Ontario, you will find peace of mind in the small number of children in our homes, the flexibility and the personal attention you and your child receives from our qualified, caring and trusted Providers.

We have a wonderful team of Providers that are required to be certified in Standard First Aid/CPR and have access to ongoing workshops and training programs. Each home receives monthly mentorship visits by a Wee Watch RECE staff. Great care is taken in matching up “our families” with “our Providers” to ensure the best fit and environment for your child.

WEE WATCH helps to ensure that the program in each home is designed to meet the individual needs of your child at every stage of their development. Ask us about our unique educational, play-based learning curriculum, our Wee Learn and Together Wee Can programs.

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Are you returning to work and looking for quality childcare in the Toronto area?

If you don’t know all the benefits of Licensed Home Childcare, join us at our upcoming virtual Open House:

Wednesday, June 16 2021

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Learn all about how we meet and exceed government standards and get your questions answered by our experts. Wee Watch has been caring for children in a nurturing home environment for over 35 years.

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What parents say about Wee Watch…

“Both of our children are with Provider Amina and we are so blessed to have her providing care for our children. Our eldest started with her almost three years ago and we were ecstatic that there was a spot available at Amina’s for our youngest. Her kindness and patience is amazing. Our eldest is starting school in September and I am already confident that because of Amina she will be prepared to flourish in the school setting. We can’t thank Amina enough for all that she has done for our children and our family.” ~ Jenn
“We would like to send out a big thank you to Hellen for being such an amazing Provider to our little guy. Hellen provides a safe, fun, friendly, educational and loving environment. Our little guy loves going to daycare and has learned so much from Hellen!
Thank you Hellen for being so amazing!” ~ Yvonne
“My son just started with Wee Watch and he loves his Provider Fazila. The process to sign him up and visit homes was easy and the support was amazing from the Wee Watch staff. Fazila is always smiling and giving lots of love to the children. She keeps them safe, fed and happy, and as a parent, that’s all you can really ask for.” ~ Emily
“We have been very fortunate to find Wee Watch, and to have our Provider Jarina look after our son. She is amazing! Our son loves to go to day care to see his friends, Jarina and her family each day. She plans wonderful and creative activities and outings for the kids. He is constantly learning new things, and we are delighted to see everything he has learned when we pick him up. As first time parents starting day care was a daunting thought and it has turned out to be such a wonderful experience. Thank-you!” ~ Sarah G.
“We are so happy to have our Provider Anastasia in our lives. My son loves her and her home cooked meals. He has learned so much (he comes home singing and counting, playing hockey, etc.), while also getting a nurturing experience similar to one at home. Wee Watch calls every so often to check up and we receive regular reports on our son’s development during all activities organized by Wee Watch. Anastasia is really the family we don’t have here in Canada! Thank you Wee Watch!” ~ Cecile
“Our Provider Genna is the most wonderful caregiver, she has been taking amazing care of our two sons over the past few years. She is dedicated and kind. She creates a nurturing relationship with all the kids she cares for and I would recommend her to any parent looking for home child care. Thank you for all that you do!! ” ~ Delphine
“Our Provider Halima is the BEST! We have had the privilege of watching both of our children flourish under Halima’s care. I have many times picked up my children and heard about a new skill they have that day. A new animal sound, a new song, a new favourite book, what letter their name starts with and the list goes on. Both of my kids would go to Halima’s with a giant smile on their face, excited to spend time with her. They clearly love her.
She is a kind and patient presence in our kid’s lives, and she has also been a presence in mine as a mother. Anytime I have felt overwhelmed, stressed, or doubted my parenting, she has always offered a kind ear and reassuring advice. She takes care of our whole family and I am very grateful.” ~ Bailey
“My daughter has loved our Provider Qudsia since the moment she met her. Qudsia and her whole family have welcomed my daughter into their home with so much love and kindness. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful lady to take care of our girl. Thank you, Qudsia, for everything you do. ” ~ Nicole
“Our Provider, Jebunnisa is amazing and we are forever grateful to have her look after Logan and Keira. She always has a variety of fun activities planned for the children and teaches them so much: songs, numbers, letters, manners and encourages them to be independent (like putting on their own shoes/coat and blowing their nose). The kids are always coming home with arts & crafts and exciting stories to tell us about their day or things they learned that day. They are always excited when we get close to her place in the morning and it is the best feeling as a parent to be leaving your children in the care of someone so caring and loving. Thank you so much Jebunnisa for everything that you do.” ~Karine & Brandon
“There are not enough nice words to describe how much we as a family love our Provider Jarina. She is thoughtful, loving and caring.
Our son is cared for there as well as he would he at home.
He loves Jarina and her family so much and talks about them all the time. He loves going in the morning and tells me all about the fun he has had at the end of the day.
Thank you so much Jarina, we would be lost without you!” ~ Tracey
“My daughter loves our Provider Amina and her family, as well as all of her friends at child care. The love that Amina has for all of her kids is easy to see, and we are so very lucky to be a part of it. We have been so wonderfully lucky to have had Amina in our lives for 3 wonderful years, each one filled with love.” ~ Katherine