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  • Will provide a warm, nurturing licensed home environment with a small ratio of children that your child will thrive in.
  • Your child will be engaged in play based learning through our unique “Wee Learn” and Together Wee Can” programs
  • Has been meeting and exceeding the Ministry licensing standards since 1984.
  • Will select the Providers best suited for your child care requirements.
  • Can provide affordable “Quality, Licensed Child Care”, in your area.
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Since 1984, Wee Watch has proved to be an exceptional, trusted, licensed child care organization.

We are proud to provide licensed home child care services for families in Richmond Hill.

As a licensed private home child care agency recognized across Ontario, you will find peace of mind in the small number of children in our homes, the flexibility and personal attention you and your child receives from our qualified, caring and trusted Providers.

Wee Watch offers full time and part-time care for children six weeks to twelve years of age.


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What parents are saying about Wee Watch…

“I remember the first day I dropped my son off at daycare – we both cried. We both worried about being without each other. I can confidently say today that we could not have picked a better Provider than Delia to teach us both that my son can be safe, nurtured and happy outside our home. Thank you, Delia and the Wee Watch family, for walking with us through happy and challenging moments. We truly feel blessed.” ~Desiree Brown

“My experience with our Provider Homira was great. She took good care of both my daughters with lots of hugs and kisses, yummy homemade meals and lots of fun!! She is such a wonderful lady.” ~Monica P.

“A year ago, Wee Watch opened up their network to me after my dilemma with a daycare that at the last minute communicated they could not take my son.  I was returning to work in 3 days and I had no family close by, so finding someone to care for my son was imperative. I was connected to Wee Watch and I remember hearing the coordinators warm voice during my confusion and stress, which calmed me so much. Wee Watch was immediately responsive to my need and set me up for some interviews with Providers that could help. I then met Delia…. wow…from the minute I entered her home, I recall she took Ryan from my hands and I watched how comfortable he was with her without us even discussing anything. At that point, I knew my son would be in good hands. We went through the formalities of the other interviews, but I knew this was the place for him. Through the year, Delia has been my Ryan’s “Nina”. I have enjoyed how she has cultivated all her kids to love each other and become great friends. It has been enjoyable to see my son grow in a warm and safe environment. And best part…. I get to enjoy compliments from family and friends of how Ryan is so well behaved and polite. She emulates everything a parent needs in child care and I am so grateful to Wee Watch for the care they take in making sure their Providers meet and exceed the expectations. I want to thank the Wee Watch team for having amazing Providers and for making parenthood easy for my husband and me. Keep up the great work and thank you.” ~Brenda

“We have had the pleasure of having Asha in our life for the last 5 and half years. She has been an amazing Provider for our children, Rebecca, now 6.5 years old and Tyler, 4 years old. Asha was instrumental in the health, happiness, intellectual and social development of our children and we regard her very highly. She loves all the children in her care as if they were her own.

The children spend their day on the sunlit full main floor of her home and enjoy outdoor time in both the front and back yards. She takes pride in ensuring her students eat healthy, well-balanced meals and get appropriate sleep each day. She is careful to keep to a routine so the children know what to expect. She enjoys sharing in detail with parents how their child’s day went.

Asha is dedicated to the education of the children in her care and strives to create and engage them in developmentally appropriate activities at every age. They explore a variety of mediums like paint, crayons, bingo dabbers and markers, and use of different tools like scissors, paintbrushes and sponges to paint. Children practice letter and number writing as well as their name and colouring on a daily basis so they are well-prepared for Kindergarten when they leave her care.

She is extremely reliable and has not been sick once the whole time we have known her!   Wee Watch does provide back-up care; however, we rarely used them since she keeps herself in great health.   If she is planning on an appointment, she considerately schedules them near the end of the day to minimize impact on family scheduling and gives plenty of notice.  

Asha has been an important part of our family’s life, and we plan to stay in touch, as our children get older. We know she would be an excellent caregiver for any family she has the pleasure to meet.” ~ Debbie and Paul G.

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