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Call And Ask Us How Wee Watch…
  • Will provide a warm, nurturing licensed home environment with a small ratio of children that your child will thrive in.
  • Your child will be engaged in play based learning through our unique “Wee Learn” and Together Wee Can” programs
  • Has been meeting and exceeding the Ministry licensing standards since 1984.
  • Will select the Providers best suited for your child care requirements.
  • Can provide affordable “Quality, Licensed Child Care”, in your area.
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Quality licensed home child care available near you!!

Let WEE WATCH Peterborough assist you in finding the perfect Provider for you and your child. Wee Watch-Peterborough has been in the County and City of Peterborough since 1991 and holds a Purchase of Service contract with the City.

WEE WATCH helps to ensure that the program in each home is designed to meet the individual needs of your child at every stage of their development by meeting or exceeding the Child Care and Early Years Act.

Our carefully screened Providers receive a wide variety of programming resources such as Wee Learn Program, Play and Learn Booklets, website activities, theme guides, Together Wee Can programming and Activity Handbooks.

Wee Watch offers ongoing support and monthly mentorship visits by RECE staff to their child care Providers.

We offer safe, secure, nurturing homes where your child will learn, develop and have fun even when you’re not there.

As partners, WEE WATCH, parents, and the Providers work together to achieve their common goal to build positive, caring and responsive relationships with each child.

We are also looking for quality childcare Providers in your neighbourhood, we’d love to talk to you about the possibility of starting a rewarding  Child Care Career with Wee Watch. 

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Meet Some of Our Team!

Provider Name: Summer
Location: North-Central Peterborough, ON
About Summer: Safe, reliable and educational experiences are what your little one will discover here in my home. From eight months to three year olds exploring their imaginations. Your precious little one is welcome to come join in all the fun. Outdoor excursions are a must from spring, winter and fall…. why not choose summer for it all!

Provider Name: Zahara
Location: North end of Peterborough, ON
About Zahara: My name is Zahra. I am 43 years old and am mom of two teenage girls 13 and 17 years old. I am bilingual; I learned to speak French while I lived in Montreal for 6 years. While living in Montreal I worked for two years in a licensed daycare “La Maison Montessori”. I am a qualified daycare Provider, I am in my second year with Wee Watch and I run a very welcoming program with an emphasis on self-learning and outdoor exploration.
I am also available on weekends.

Provider Name: Ashley
Location: West End of Peterborough
About Ashley:
I am a mother of one and a step mom to two children. I have been doing childcare with Wee Watch for close to a year. I live in the west end of Peterborough just off Kawartha Heights.
I use my whole main floor for my day care children, I have a fenced in backyard and we go for lots off walks around the neighbourhood. I love to nurture a child’s development and well being while ensuring safety and confidence in their environment.

Provider Name: Shelley
Location: South End of Peterborough
About Shelley:
I have been a childcare Provider for the past 15 years and I have had the privilege of preparing many children for Kindergarten. I am located on a quiet street in the South end of Peterborough, within a good proximity to schools. I provide a safe environment, feed nutritious snacks and lunches and encourage learning in a fun environment. My backyard is fenced in and includes a sand table, ride-on toys, a basketball net, child-size picnic tables, a playhouse and a water table. For activities we enjoy going on nature walks, making crafts, playing games, reading stories and working on different activity sheets that revolve around changing themes. Each child has its own place to sleep, while also having a regular schedule. I teach compassion, how to express feelings, how to share and play well with others. All children are taught manners and will leave my care with a good foundation for beginning the school.

Provider Name: Carol
Location: North End of Peterborough
About Carol:
I am a mother of 2 grown children, a daughter and a son and I have been doing childcare with Wee Watch for 12 years. I have a nice big playroom in my home plus a fenced in backyard for the children to play outside. We also enjoy going on walks around the neighbourhood on nice sunny days and we do a lot of fine motor, gross motor, and literacy activities everyday, preparing children for school.

Provider Name: Andrea
Location: East End of Peterborough
About Andrea:
I operate my home-based daycare just outside the east end of Peterborough where we have 10 acres of property that provides lots of space to explore the outdoors and learn about nature. We see deer, turtles, all different types of birds and wildlife on our walks. I am a graduate of George Brown College with Diplomas in Dance Performance Studies, Culinary Management, and Food and Nutrition Management. I am a busy mother of three and when I’m not with my children you can find me working out at the gym or going for a run.

Provider Name: Lily
Location: West End of Peterborough
About Lily:
I am a mother of two boys, 10 and 11 years old. Our home is located in the west end of Peterborough close to Fleming College and I have been a childcare Provider with Wee Watch for 5 years. I love to incorporate music and art into my program and we love outdoor play.

Provider Name: Amy
Location: South-East end of Peterborough
About Amy:
I have been a home childcare Provider with Wee Watch for four years. I have two children of my own (9 and 5 years old). I am CPR/First aid certified and have my CPST (child passenger safety technician) certification.
I have had the privilege of looking after many children ages 1 year to 4 years. I offer a wide variety of healthy snacks and lunches and encourage a fun and safe learning environment and imaginative play. I teach school readiness and independence (putting on shoes, coats, mitts, etc) colours, numbers, shapes, manners, compassion and feelings, how to share and play well together.
I have a dedicated lower level daycare space for my Wee Watch children with a nap/change room, play room containing a play kitchen, dress up clothes, dolls & stroller, wooden building blocks, trucks along with other toys I rotate out. Our main area/kitchenette is where we read books, have circle time, eat, do crafts and other activities.
We play outside daily; my backyard is fenced in and includes a swing set with slide, sand table with various sand tools, ride on toys, play tunnel and a water wall. We also enjoy trips to our local park.

What parents say about Wee Watch…

“My daughters child care Provider is Rebecca in Cobourg. We have been with “Becca” for over a year now and she has gone above and beyond for us, things I would never expect a Child Care Provider to do and I can’t thank her enough. I love getting photos throughout my day of the fun things they do and I know my daughter just adores her! Thank you for everything you do Becca, we love you!” ~Tiffani K