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  • Will provide a warm, nurturing licensed home environment with a small ratio of children that your child will thrive in.
  • Your child will be engaged in play based learning through our unique “Wee Learn” and Together Wee Can” programs
  • Has been meeting and exceeding the Ministry licensing standards since 1984.
  • Will select the Providers best suited for your child care requirements.
  • Can provide affordable “Quality, Licensed Child Care”, in your area.
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Since 1984, Wee Watch has proven to be an exceptional, trusted, licensed child care organization.   We would be proud and excited to have an opportunity to give you a personal tour of what we do.

Let our Wee Watch Barrie and Area team help you make the right choice for your child care needs.   We focus time and attention on helping you to explore your options and find the best fit for your family.

WEE WATCH helps to ensure that the program in each home is designed to meet the individual needs of your child at every stage of their development.   Ask us about our unique educational, play-based learning curriculum, our Wee Learn  and Together Wee Can programs.

Wee Watch offers ongoing support and monthly mentorship visits by RECE staff to our child care Providers.

By meeting and/or exceeding the Early Years and Child Care act which governs licensed child care in Ontario we can assure you that you and your child are receiving the best quality child care on the market.We offer the best and the most supportive system out there.  We would love to tell you more!

We have a wonderful team of Providers and can’t wait for you to meet them. Great care is taken in matching up “our families” with “our Providers” to ensure the best fit and environment for your child.

As a licensed home child care agency recognized across Ontario, you will find peace of mind in the small number of children in our homes, the flexibility and personal attention you and your child receive from our qualified, caring and trusted Providers.

Quality licensed home child care available near you!!


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Want to learn more about “Licensed Home Childcare”? You can visit us at the Baby Show October 5th & 6th at booth 118 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. ENTER TO WIN 2 GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS! Just click the link to submit your ballot by September 25th: //

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If you are thinking about becoming a Provider yourself, talk to us about how we can support you and make that dream a reality.

Let us show you how. It’s what we do.

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What Parents Say About Wee Watch...

“Tracy B. is absolutely phenomenal! When I interviewed Tracy, everything just felt right. I was comfortable, her home felt comfortable; I just knew (similar to the wedding dress feeling).
On our first Mother’s Day in Tracy’s care, I picked up my two little guys and they handed me hand painted canvases. I cried like a baby (Tracy can attest to this). We had switched to Tracy after being at another home daycare (not through Wee Watch), and this was the first time in two years that I had ever received anything hand made and so heart felt. They are up on the wall at home as they mean so much to me. Thank you Tracy!
All moms and dads know that searching for daycare for your children can be a very daunting and a stressful task. Wee Watch makes everything so much easier!!” ~Renee L
“My Provider, Margarida is absolutely amazing, our son really enjoys going to her home, she really takes care of the children and that is easily noticeable when you see the other ones having lots of fun too. Thank you Wee Watch and Margarida for making such a professional and excellent work always!!!” ~Gabriel R
“Julieta is the best Provider we could have asked for. Our daughter has been going to her now for 6 months and absolutely loves her. Julieta is patient, kind, and we can tell she loves her daycare kids just like her own. Julieta is always accommodating to our schedule. Thank you Wee Watch for teaming us up with her!” ~Michelle H
“Keri B. is the greatest, she is so creative with her crafts I’ve kept all the projects that my daughter and Keri have done. My daughter loves going to Keri’s house and playing with her kitties and her dog. Keri has definitely helped my daughter in many ways including teaching her ABCs at 21 months; she sings it all the time. It’s comforting knowing my daughter is safe and having fun!
Thanks Keri!” ~Brittney H
“Margarida has been providing care for my son for 5 years, he was only 9 months old when he started. The love my son has for her is truly amazing. We consider her part of the family.” ~ Jessica M.
“I love Lorie S. People overlook simple, but important qualities: she is steadfast and reliable. Logistically this is important, but these qualities also impact a child’s growth. Having another committed adult in their lives, kids feel safe and cared for. They feel like they have one more family member to nurture them, teach them new skills, and teach them how to be good people. I am thankful that we have Lorie to help us guide our little guy.” ~ Carolyn T.
“I went back to work early and felt 100% sure it was the right decision when I saw my son with Flossie! She is incredible. My son learns so much from her (our doctor was impressed) and I can tell that my son loves her and her whole family. There are not enough words to describe the caring and compassion she has for children!” ~ Meagan S
“We absolutely love Wee Watch! Our son has been going to Alicia for 2 years now. When he had been there for a year I had quit my full-time job and ended up staying home with my kids but when I decided to go back to work and needed a daycare Provider for my son again, we sent him back to the same lady. We are so very thankful and we absolutely love her! She is great with the kids teaches them so much and gets down on the floor and plays with them. My son can’t wait to go back everyday to see her and play with his friends. We are forever grateful for her and we’re happy that she treats our son as if he was her own. Dealing with Wee Watch has been such an easy process they are very caring and always willing to help and always going the extra mile to make sure everything is on point to make sure that our children are safe. Two years ago we moved from Mississauga to Barrie so we didn’t have any friends or family and having them help us through the process of finding a daycare Provider was so amazing and it definitely took a lot of our fears and anxieties away.” ~Sarah L.
“Our Provider Isobel is the most loving and patient caregiver out there! We don’t know what we’d do without her!” ~Andrea L.
“I really liked how Wee Watch handled the transition when they took over from the County. They made it very easy and not stressful at all. Also loved that we were able to keep Sandra with the same Provider that we have had for 4yrs, thank you.” ~Breanne L.
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