How Wee Began

Wee Watch is a family business for families.

Wee Watch was conceived by a mother who had gone through all phases of day care, from having to find quality child care, as well as actually providing private home child care herself. Due to an overwhelming response to a single sign on a drug store bulletin board, this mother realized that there was a great demand for a quality home child care service.

After carefully examining her child care options that were offered in her community, she was determined that something different was needed. By the summer of 1984, the Wee Watch System had been developed and was ready to launch.

This unique system was developed with the care and consideration of parents and Providers to provide the right balance of nurturing quality care with learning activities and conform to high standard regulations.

Now Wee Watch has over 30 years of home child care experience and has earned the reputation of a trustworthy, quality, licensed child care agency.