Licensed Child Care – The Better Choice

Wee Watch Meets, Or Exceeds, the Ministry Of Education Requirements As Set Out In the Child Care and Early Years Act.

At Wee Watch, we strictly comply with, or exceed, provincial regulations in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Child Care and Early Years Act.  Our staff continually monitors all Provider homes and is always up-to-date on any changes or additions to the regulations that occur.

Wee Watch ensures:

  • Careful screening, approving and monitoring their child care Providers and their families.
  • Monitoring the home with unscheduled and scheduled visits by government approved Registered Early Childhood Educators. Our “Home Visitors” will check the child care Provider’s home for safety and ensure all standards are maintained.

In-home monitoring includes:

  • Monthly Home Visits (or more)
  • Quarterly site safety checks
  • Annual Area Supervisor visits

What Do Home Visitors Do?

Home Visitors have training in early childhood education, child development and/or family studies. They check that the home is safe for children before children are enrolled. They also conduct monthly home visits and quarterly site safety checks to make sure Providers are following the provincial requirements as well as the agency’s policies and procedures. They can help caregivers by:

  • Planning activities for children at different stages of their development.
  • Giving advice about nutritious meal planning.
  • Helping choose toys and equipment that are safe and suitable for the children.

“While many unlicensed or informal home day care Providers do a very good job, the absence of regulatory safeguards or of a back-up Provider should the home child care provider fall ill or be otherwise unavailable are two of the major reasons many parents prefer licensed child care.” – ADCO