Family Day, a holiday that celebrates the importance of families and family life. With the distractions of our everyday busy lives we may not always get a lot of quality family bonding time. Take time this Family Day to spend it together and connect with one another in a way you may not always have time for.


1. Make a Family Time Jar: Fill a jar with family time activities and pick one when it’s time for some family together time.

2. Play Games: Play some of these games to help connect with your child.

3. Talk: Asking your children questions isn’t only a great way to get kids talking but also helps you learn more about them. Check out this list of 50 questions to ask your child.

4. Printable Kids Coupons: Print out coupons with little rewards on them that you can give as a gift or give as recognition for something they have done well. Children can then redeem the reward on the coupon when they would like to spend time together.

5. Family Game Night: Have a family game night using only a pencil and a piece of paper.

6. Have a Family Movie Night: Check out these movie suggestions, snacks, themes, crafts & activities to help make your family movie night unforgettable.

Whatever you do this Family Day weekend, enjoy time together.