An Invitation for Experienced Childcare Providers To Join Our Team
Many of our homes are able to remain open to continue to provide childcare for parents in need during these uncertain times. If you are an experienced home childcare Provider who would like to support our essential workers but worried about how to stay safe, Wee Watch can help.
Partnering with Wee Watch allows you to provide a valuable and much-needed service in your community with the guidance and support from a licensed agency that will ensure you meet the highest standards for safety, health and wellness. Contact your Wee Watch agency for more details.

Benefits of Being A Wee Watch Provider

A child care position with Wee Watch includes training, support, competitive pay and more.

What sets us apart from doing child care on your own or with any other agency is the support you receive from our Agency staff.  Our Providers look forward to visits from our RECE Home Visitors each month to discuss any challenges, new milestones or to get new ideas to incorporate into their program.

Join The Wee Watch Child Care Team!

Competitive Child Care Pay

Wee Watch guarantees your pay cheque. As a Wee Watch child care Provider, you’ll be paid for statutory holidays, and the first week of a child’s illness. You receive a regular pay cheque every two weeks and Wee Watch is responsible for collection of fees from the parents!

Child Care Training Support

Wee Watch provides child care manuals and reference materials at the initial training session as well as ongoing workshops, training programs and conferences. As a Wee Watch Provider, you also have opportunities to network with other Providers and receive ongoing support from qualified child care staff and monthly home visits.

Child care Equipment Supplied

As a Wee Watch child care Provider, you are supplied with some equipment such as playpens, high chairs, gates and strollers.

Reliable Back-Up

Wee Watch will arrange back up for the children in your care if you require time off for illness or vacation.

Child Care Provider Resources

As a Wee Watch child care Provider you are supplied with informative newsletters, activity ideas, our Wee Learn Educational Program, craft supplies and more. Home Visitors also bring child care resources during monthly visits.

Being A Wee Watch Provider Is:

Safe – Receive support and necessary equipment.

Educational – On-going training and workshops.

Reliable – Your pay cheque is guaranteed.