Nutrition Month

Every year in March, Nutrition Month is celebrated. Dieticians across Canada remind us how important it is to eat healthy and the impact nutrition has on our overall well-being.

Nutrition is important to Wee Watch because it is crucial to the growth and development of the children in our care. Parents rely on our Providers to […]

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March Break – March 13-22

If you have children in school then you know that  March Break is coming up! If you are lucky, maybe you have some time off work to spend with your children. Whether you have the whole week off or just a few days, you may need to come up with new ways to keep those […]

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Maple Syrup Festivals

It’s that time of year again…..maple syrup time! Near the end of February is when freezing and thawing temperatures begin and maple syrup makers make their way around their sugarbush drilling 1cm wide holes, 5cm deep into the trunks of the maple trees. The trees are then tapped, a spout is attached and a bucket […]

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February is Heart Month

February is “Heart Month”, which is a national campaign that encourages Canadians to come together and help raise awareness and funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The Heart and Stroke Foundation promotes healthy living to prevent heart disease and stroke, saves lives by enabling better cardiac and stroke response and treatment and promotes recovery […]

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Friday the 13th: Superstition or Just Another Day?

Friday the 13th is considered to be the most widespread superstition. The origin of Friday the 13th isn’t clear, but the number 13 and the day Friday have been thought to bring bad fortune since the nineteenth century.

There is even a name for the fear of Friday the 13th – paraskevidekatriaphobia (pronounced: pa/ ruh/ skay/ […]

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