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8 Strategies for Stress-Free Travel with Children

Will you be travelling this holiday season with your children? Here are some stress-reducing strategies to help you and your family with your travels.

Fly as early as possible in the day. It’s your best chance to avoid delays at takeoff and landing.
Travel with a small-size stroller. When traveling with children, minimize. Getting through an airport without […]

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Keep Children Busy Over the Holidays

The Holiday season is here which means school closures for those in school and hopefully some time off work, both of which mean more time at home with your children. Children will be looking for something to do and looking to you for ideas. Are you wondering how you will manage to keep them entertained […]

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Tips for Choosing and Gifting Safe Toys this Holiday Season

Toys are the treasures of childhood. But if you’re not careful, toys can be hazardous, too. To keep your child safe, follow these guidelines when choosing and gifting toys, not only during the Holiday season but throughout the year:

1. Pick age-appropriate toys. Most toys show a “recommended age” sticker, which can be used as a […]

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World Kindness Day – Teach Children to be Kind Everyday!


Today is World Kindness Day, celebrate by showing and encouraging children to be kind everyday.

Every parent wants the best for their child; we want them to be happy and safe. So how do we increase the happiness and well being of our children? We start by encouraging children to be kind, have empathy and care […]

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The End of Daylight Savings Time – How to Fall Back with Kids

Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 5th. Making the switch to “fall back” only involves a time change of one hour – but even that can affect your little one’s sleep.

Here are a few tips to help keep their sleep schedule on track:

1. Get enough sleep now. Make sure your child is getting plenty […]

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