We’re still in the midst of a pandemic, so it should come to no surprise that Halloween celebrations and trick-or-treating will look very different this year!  If you’re not trick-or-treating the traditional way this year, there are many other fun ways to celebrate one of the most anticipated events of the year with your family.


  1. Make the house spooky, inside, and out
  2. Reinvent trick-or-treating, children can trick or treat to different doors within the house
  3. Go to a fun outdoor, socially distanced, Halloween event
  4. Host or attend an online Halloween party
  5. Have a candy hunt at home
  6. Have a safe candy or treat exchange
  7. Have a zoom costume parade with friends and family
  8. Watch family friendly Halloween movies
  9. Visit a socially distant pumpkin patch
  10. Carve or paint pumpkins
  11. Read Halloween books
  12. Have a Halloween scavenger hunt
  13. Make Halloween themed food
  14. Make up fun and scary stories to share around the pretend campfire
  15. Make DIY costumes

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, we wish everyone a safe, healthy Halloween.