10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Family

Valentines Day is celebrated every year on February 14th. Not sure how to celebrate with your little sweethearts? We’ve got 10 fun ways to celebrate Valentines Day as a family:


Make a memorable meal. Holidays are a great opportunity to create family traditions children will remember for the rest of their lives. Create a […]

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Learning with LEGO

Nowadays parents are bombarded with a million different toy options for their children, but as new fads come and go, one toy has remained a staple in the childhoods of millions of kids worldwide – LEGO. It’s not a mystery why this simple toy has survived the test of time; Lego is colourful, it has […]

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Outdoor Winter Safety: Stay Safe and Warm During Winter Activities

Temperature and w​eather. Children should not play outdoors if the temperature or the wind chill factor falls below -25°C (-13°F). When it is this cold outside, exposed skin can freeze in a few minutes.

Always check the weather before going out into the cold. Just because it is mild in the morning doesn’t mean the afternoon […]

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8 Strategies for Stress-Free Travel with Children

Will you be travelling this holiday season with your children? Here are some stress-reducing strategies to help you and your family with your travels.

Fly as early as possible in the day. It’s your best chance to avoid delays at takeoff and landing.
Travel with a small-size stroller. When traveling with children, minimize. Getting through an airport without […]

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Keep Children Busy Over the Holidays

The Holiday season is here which means school closures for those in school and hopefully some time off work, both of which mean more time at home with your children. Children will be looking for something to do and looking to you for ideas. Are you wondering how you will manage to keep them entertained […]

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