Qualified Child Care Providers

Wee Watch’s high standards include careful screening of Providers and their families

Wee Watch Providers undergo a strict assessment evaluation process. They are required to:

  • Complete detailed interviews to demonstrate exceptional child care skills
  • Prove the ability to provide children with a warm, safe and stimulating environment through a Wee Watch supervisor home assessment.
  • Provide a physician’s health report from a recent physical check-up.
  • Pass personal and criminal reference checks for themselves and family members.
  • Complete a recognized First Aid training course specifically for children.

Providers are offered the opportunity of attending Professional Development Days and monthly workshops to continually upgrade their skills. These workshops focus on nutrition, behavior management and programming.

Wee Watch Child Care is:

Safe – I’m in a safe, kind environment where I’m respected as an individual.

Educational – The “Wee Learn” educational program stimulates me socially and developmentally. I get to participate in gross and fine motor skill activities which are important to my parents.Every week you can see all my work in my very own portfolio.

Reliable – My parents never get stressed out because Wee Watch has a back-up system when my Provider is sick or on holidays. My Mom especially likes that she doesn’t have to worry about me because Wee Watch Providers are screened and get surprise visits.