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  • Will provide a warm, nurturing licensed home environment with a small ratio of children that your child will thrive in.
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  • Has been meeting and exceeding the Ministry licensing standards since 1984.
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Since 1984, Wee Watch has proved to be an exceptional, trusted, licensed child care organization.

We are proud to provide licensed home child care services for families in Ottawa, Kanata.

As a licensed private home child care agency recognized across Ontario, you will find peace of mind in the small number of children in our homes, the flexibility and personal attention you and your child receives from our qualified, caring and trusted Providers.

Wee Watch offers full time and part-time care for children six weeks to twelve years of age.


What parents say about Wee Watch 

“I was put in touch with Reshma, our childcare Provider, through Wee Watch. I instantly felt the love and devotion she had for children during our interview.

Reshma has looked after my 2 children, Carter 5 and Courtney 18mths for the past 8 months. My children love going there, and I feel so happy to have a place that is like a 2nd home for them to go. She treats them like her own children and they love her very much, most days not wanting to leave!

Her focus and enthusiasm drive her multi-tasking abilities, and she has always made both of my children feel valued and cared-for. She makes it a point to look for games and activities that attract the children to fun and educational projects. 

Reshma moved closely with our family and even attended a birthday party for my son. Her son and daughter are also amazing with the children and play with them and make them feel so loved. I can attest to her loyalty and confidentiality and she conducts herself very professionally, never taking advantage of her position.

If you are considering Reshma as your childcare Provider, you may not find a better person. Reshma is one of a kind and I’m so blessed to have her watch my children everyday.” ~Angela L.

“Saima has been a wonderful caregiver for our son Hugh. Everyday she greets us with a warm, welcoming smile, and we always know that Hugh is being left in the best care.

The activities, songs, and games that Saima organizes for the children are educational and stimulating. She teaches them to cooperate and share all through the idea of “play”.

At the end of the day, Hugh is never ready to come home because he enjoys learning and exploring all day long.

Overall, Saima makes us feel like family. She truly loves Hugh and the other children she has in her care.

We are very happy we found someone like Saima and would recommend her to anyone.”~ Brittany & Marc

 “I am a mother of three andmy children have been in care with Saima for almost a full year. Saima is patient and very loving. She always takes your opinions and suggestions with care. She is funny and always makes my children’s day go smoothly with a bit of humour and, ours.

She always feeds our children and others in her care, fresh and delicious food, lots fruits and veggies! Our children always come home without any complains and they love doing art.

Another thing is that Saima always keeps up with the latest celebrations and makes sure the children get to celebrate their holidays whether it is her families or not. Saima always treats everyone with kindness and respect. I am very thankful for her hard work and dedication to taking such good care of our children while we are at work.” ~ Melissa

“My wife and I met Priya K. in 2011 when interviewing potential daycare Providers for our first child. After interviewing several candidates, we selected Priya due to the ease of interaction between her and our child, her daily activity structure and nutrition plans.

We never regretted our decision. In fact, we immediately approached Priya after the birth of our second child to guarantee he would get a spot at her daycare.

Our child’s well-being is Priya’s priority. She genuinely cares, and diligently informs us of any issue – big or small. We are regularly informed of how our child is eating, sleeping, interacting with others and progressing with learning, activities and crafts. The odd time our children have been sick, Priya has gone out of her way to help and ask how the child is doing.

I would recommend Priya to any parent looking for quality daycare. She has become like a member of our family and has even attended a couple of our children’s birthday parties.” ~William M.

“We met our childcare Provider, Humaira through Wee Watch and she has since then, taken care of our son since he was 11 months, he is now 3 years of age.

Humaira is a breath of fresh air and has been a joy to work with. She provides our son with not only a loving and caring environment, but also a place to play, develop, and thrive as he has learned to walk, talk and potty train.

Humaira loves our son as if he was her own, she has always made our child feel valued and cared-for and regularly takes him to the local library and parks for playtime. We particularly appreciate her borrowing books from the library to take home for him to read, and the multiple gifts and treats that she has given him over the years, when she really didn’t have to. She makes hearty, healthy meals and takes pictures and videos for us so that we can be a part of our son’s day.

Being new to Ottawa, we were delighted to have found a vetted caregiver with many previous years of experience and rave reviews! We will remain in touch with Humaira far into the future. If you are considering her as a childcare Provider for your child, we would strongly recommend her, you may not find a better person.” ~ Hope

“Helen became our childcare Provider for my child, Kelsey, in September 2015. I had first interviewed Helen on the phone and found her to be very friendly and welcoming person. Upon meeting her I found that my initial observations were right. I chat with Helen almost every time I pick up or drop off Kelsey and have visited her during the Christmas break. I have also been invited in periodically in the midst of snack or an activity and witnessed the wonderful atmosphere the children experience.

The reason I initially pursued Wee Watch, and in turn Helen, was that they are a licensed, regulated daycare. This is different than daycares that are privately run from an individual’s home as their own business. Wee Watch has policies, procedures and programming in place that all Providers follow.  Helen also has her Early Childhood Education qualification and it shows. 

Even with the elaborate reassurance of Helen’s capability, I was still skeptical of an in-home daycare. I had Kelsey in a large commercial daycare before moving to Ottawa. I was worried that she wouldn’t learn as much, do as many crafts or partake in as many activities. When I met Helen, I decided to try it and see how it went. I was amazed at how much more Kelsey gets out of being in Helen’s daycare. She has wonderful close friends (Helen included!), and completes educational activities and crafts everyday. The children regularly play outside; go the park or the duck pond. The bond created in this loving environment with Helen cannot be replicated in a large-scale daycare.

My child’s development has absolutely been nurtured by Helen’s warm and caring demeanor. She is like family to us and I am so grateful for her. I highly recommend Wee Watch and Helen’s daycare.” ~Holly K.

“It is my great pleasure to write a recommendation for our child care Provider, Pamela P. Pamela was our son’s first experience in child care and as one can imagine, it is not only a time of great difficulty as a parent, but also for the child. Pamela was always warm, welcoming and engaging. She is a calming presence for children and parents alike. Pamela is professional, compassionate and engaged with the children.

As a working parent, I appreciated Pamela’s ability to keep us involved in the daily activities and progress of our child through email and discussion of the day’s activities in detail at pickup. I also appreciated her attention to individual children and her ability to customize her program to suit the children’s needs. Through varied activities and engagement, our son has gone from understanding a few words and instructions to following instructions fluently in both English and Spanish. The children always spent hours outside enjoying nature, going for walks and many art-based activities to enrich their days. Pamela made leaving our son every day very easy knowing he was in the best possible care.

Thank you Pamela and Wee Watch.” ~ Amber T.

“We are pleased to recommend Sherri as a child care Provider.

Sherry has taken care of our 15-month-old daughter for several weeks now. She has provided her with the excellent attention and nurturing a child needs at such a young age. Within several days of being in her care, our daughter exhibited many positive emotional changes and demonstrated independence that wasn’t present before being in her care. For example, we were then able to put our daughter down for sleep with little resistance from her and witnessed her reacting to friends/family and other children in a friendly manner, as opposed to shying away.

Sherri maintains a healthy, child-friendly environment within her home. It is apparent that there is a range of activities for the children to engage in, suitable for any age and level of development. Further, Sherri makes a conscientious effort to make the children feel that they are in a comfortable and home-like environment. For example, on several occasions she has spoken/sang to our daughter in our daughter’s second language while putting her to sleep.

With Sherri, we have always felt that our daughter was safe and secure. It is a highlight at then end of the day to greet our daughter, and other children, at the door, with Sherri’s motherly smile.” ~ Pamela and Kyle

“I would just like to say that I am so very happy that we were able to find Wee Watch and our childcare Provider, Amtul. She is amazing with Elias, and I have no hesitations about leaving him with her. He is happy and learning a lot from her and the other children. He wants to be there and didn’t even want to leave today! She is very flexible and easy to get along with. She loves kids and they love her, and you can really see it in all of their interactions. She sends me so many pictures and updates of him on a daily basis and wanted me to send updates and pics when he and I were on vacation. I feel like she is a partner in helping us raise Elias, and he will be a better little boy because of her.” ~ Skye

“My husband and I were anxious about finding the right daycare for our daughter, Ann. We looked at numerous options, including both larger daycare centres as well as other home care Providers. It wasn’t until we met Sherri, a Wee Watch Provider, that we knew we’d found someone we could trust to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for our daughter. Our daughter’s experience with Sherri has been everything we’d hoped it would be. In short, Ann has flourished in Sherri’s care. Her language skills, in particular, have developed rapidly. Most importantly, at Sherri’s, Ann has had the opportunity to learn manners and respect, to play and interact with both older and younger children, but in a small and intimate group setting. A bonus for us has been Sherri’s family, her daughters, her husband and the family dog have all contributed to Ann’s experience and care, and they have provided the kind of loving family environment we’d hoped for. Just as important as the caring environment, what we’ve come to appreciate is the safe and trusting environment that Sherri has provided for us. Throughout her care, we’ve always felt secure leaving Ann with Sherri while we’re at work and appreciate how Sherri has always kept us well informed about any incident, big or small, involving Ann’s safety and behaviour. In short, we can’t recommend Sherri strongly enough. For the last year and a half she’s been an integral part of our daughter’s life. For anyone else looking for a safe and loving environment for their children we would without hesitation strongly recommend Sherri and we can’t thank her enough for playing such a positive and important role in Ann’s early years of life.” ~Kristy & Jack C.

“We would highly recommend our Wee Watch child care Provider Julie. Julie looked after our son temporarily for about a month, following his regular childcare Providers time off. During her time caring for our son, Julie was highly motivated to do the best job that she could by providing a loving, warm, caring and stimulating environment for our son. She was keen on reading to our son daily, and providing him with creative ways of playing and learning that helped develop his various skills and values. We particularly appreciated the breathtaking artwork our son brought home every day; each uniquely created was a special masterpiece.

Julie is not only reliable, trustworthy and motivated but she also possesses strong qualities that make a successful childcare Provider.” ~Hope M.

“We wanted to pass on our sincere thanks for introducing us to Shelly G., our current Provider. My daughter just loves going to Shelly everyday, even on weekends!! She wants me to cook like her, play like her and even talk like her… Lol. Shelly is so affectionate, caring and always going out of her way to help our family. It’s very reassuring for us to leave her with Shelly every morning…. we know she will be well fed and will be well taken care of.  She jumps into Shelly’s arms every morning and never wants to leave her house when we pick her up. You were absolutely correct, it is a Home away from home for her and Shelly is just like a member of our family.

Thank you so much for bringing Shelly to our lives!!! We admire your judgment and selection of Providers always (even for back up care). We love Wee Watch!!!” ~ Cathy

“I highly recommend Azar as a caregiver. Both my son and daughter stayed in her care from baby to school age. Azar gave them much love, activity, nurturing, and a safe environment. I would not change a thing about Azar or her family…they are truly the best!” ~Natalie

“We feel very fortunate that 2 spots for both our girls were available with Pamela when I returned to work. From the beginning, our Provider Pamela has shown our girls so much love and made them feel safe in her home environment. As parents, we feel at complete ease leaving our girls in her care everyday.

Pamela has been great to work with. She has a true passion to be around children and you feel it the moment you meet her. There are never any uncertainties with Pamela, she communicates everyone’s needs and is always open to listening to our concerns.

Our girls can’t wait to see her every morning and we feel very lucky to have found her!” ~ Andrea


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